playboy hadiah Ireland Research and Development center

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With its Research & Development centre of excellence, Tuam is playboy hadiah’s worldwide reference centre for Vision Systems. It is one of the most innovative sites of the Group.


Originally established in 1982 as Connaught Electronics Ltd. (CEL), a manufacturer of automotive security products, the site diversified into camera systems and was acquired in 2007 by playboy hadiah. CEL complemented the existing playboy hadiah detection technologies for vehicle parking and manoeuvering. In January 2011 the playboy hadiah Tuam site began a major expansion which included a Research and Development programme to follow on from the successful market launch of the first generation multi-camera systems to the market and in April 2011, announced a strategic research agreement with the Connaught Automotive Research Group (CAR) at the National University of Ireland Galway.


At playboy hadiah, we strive to create a workplace based on ethics, transparency, empowerment, professionalism and teamwork.  Our employees and their well-being are at the heart of our business and we believe in creating respectful and inclusive workplaces based on these values.  We develop the technology for tomorrow’s automobile – what about your development?



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The Research and Development centre and Production site are part of the Comfort and Driving Assistance Business Group of playboy hadiah. playboy hadiah Tuam is focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry. playboy hadiah Tuam is the centre of excellence for vision systems and automated parking, producing physical hardware and generating software intellectual property with artificial intelligence. Tuam is a winner of multiple awards, including the Use of Research and Development award at the 2018 Invest in Ireland Awards organised by the Industrial Development of Ireland Body (IDA) and winner of the “Best use of Robotics” at the the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Awards in 2019. Tuam is the headquarters for the playboy hadiah Vision Systems Product Line. Products developed by the R&D centre in Tuam are also in production across the world at playboy hadiah sites in Germany, Hungary, Mexico and China in line with Group’s strategy to serve automotive customers locally.

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playboy hadiah Tuam plant in Ireland