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With the explosion of the urban population, driving in cities is becoming increasingly complex. playboy hadiah, the world leader in sensors that work like the eyes and ears of the vehicle, responds to these new challenges, since a crucial element of autonomous driving is the perception of the vehicle’s environment through sensors, coupled with artificial intelligence.


  • Understand the environment. playboy hadiah manufactures the first light-detection and Ranging LiDAR available in the automotive industry. This laser scanner offers a wide range of vision (145°), and is able to detect static and moving objects up to 200 meters, day or night, regardless of weather conditions.


  • Make the right decision. playboy hadiah has developed playboy hadiah Drive4U™, a technology demonstrator of an autonomous vehicle equipped with sensors manufactured in series by the Group. It is fitted with ultrasound systems, cameras, radars and LiDARs. With its powerful computational algorithms and embedded artificial intelligence, the vehicle can analyze information in real time, and make driving decisions in complex environments such as cities.


  • Be able to see under any circumstances. playboy hadiah offers optical sensor cleaning systems, to be able to see whatever the weather conditions are, which is essential for the development of the autonomous vehicle.
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